'Laila's sessions have shown me the perfect way to switch off. I leave feeling calm and relaxed with all the stress of work gone.'

~ Tony T

'Meditation with Laila is blissful. It makes me feel calmer and happier every time. I thoroughly recommend Laila's classes to anyone.'

~ Alice B

'Thank you Laila for initiating me as a Deeksha giver. I always look forward to attending your sessions and powerful meditation practice. With every visit I move into a calm, deep connection and clarity which I find is very practical to apply in my daily life.'

~ RS, Canada

'Laila's meditation session on a Monday evening is the perfect start to the week. I always leave with a clearer head and have a much better sleep. After a few sessions I noticed I was developing a deeper connection to myself and having more control to switch off my busy mind. Laila radiates warmth and positive energy, making the sessions very welcoming. What are you waiting for? Make sure you go along - you won't regret it!'

~ L. Richardson

'Laila's meditation session is my much needed weekly
pit stop of tranquility and calm in a hectic life. Laila's sessions allow me to completely switch off and find peace. Laila's warm and inclusive personality make all newcomers feel welcome.'

I. Rolles

'I was put at ease from the start - the atmosphere was relaxed, friendly and without pressure.  I have done meditation before, but was able to reach a much deeper state in Laila's sessions.  I really felt the benefits afterwards and felt so much calmer, but invigorated, as if I had accessed a hidden energy.'

~ Frances C

‘Laila has created a beautiful sacred space in her home for us all to share.  She always makes everybody feel welcome and takes the time to explain what deeksha is to those who are new to it.  For me Laila’s weekly meditation and deeksha evenings are also about sharing my own experiences and changes within myself with like-minded people in a safe environment.  Laila‘s dedication to helping others on their journey through deeksha is truly inspiring and is very much appreciated by all those who attend her groups and courses.’

~ Lorna K

‘Oneness meditation at Laila's is so lovely - the minute you enter the meditation room you can feel the energy and forget about the outside word so you can really focus inside. My favourite meditation is a breathing meditation,  andala mandala. After  I do that  I feel  that I am new born.  I wish I that could go every week. I highly recommend Laila’s sessions to have a bit of quiet time and stillness in your life. "

~ Barbara M

‘I enjoy coming to you, Laila, because you are so warm and welcoming. You keep us focused, are friendly and natural all the while running a professional and enjoyable workshop. You watch out for each of us, which I find comforting. Everyone is very friendly and relaxed.’

~ Anne L

‘I feel at peace and have started noticing just how subtle but great are the changes in people's lives all around, including me. Some resistances at work have started to dissolve as well as some old doubts and fears that I had from my teenage years, some even from my childhood. Although I feel very humble and that I don't know anything, I've grown strong enough to say that I'm glad that the path has taken me here and that I'm ready to let the unmanifested unfold joyously in every moment. It doesn't matter where the path is taking me so... Let it be light and love.

From the bottom of my heart I thank Laila, a ray of light personified as Oneness Trainer, for running the OAC and for initiating me as a deeksha giver.’

~ Ana C
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