About Laila

Laila is a Family/Children's solicitor who is also a Oneness Trainer and Ekam Mitra having trained at Ekam (formerly the Oneness University) in India. She has been on her own journey of self exploration for many years and her experiences have led her to hold meditation groups where energy is transferred from the source by intent only during the covid 19 restrictions.

Laila holds not only a regular group on a Monday evening but also private 1-1 sessions for those who would like a more tailored experience.  

For those who would like a deeper experience, you may be drawn to attend the Weekend Meditation course/Oneness Awakening course. This retreat includes meditations focussing on the breath, opening energy channels  (chakras), forgiveness and healing relationships with parents/spouses/children.  

There are additional courses available to deeksha givers to deepen their spiritual experiences.  

There are many demands placed upon us in the modern world. Laila offers an oasis of calm.

Begin the journey to yourself here.

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